Program at a glance


Wednesday  June 25

6PM                                       Welcome Reception

Waterfront Activities Center, 3701 Montlake Blvd. NE

Thursday June 26

7:30AM – 9AM                    Breakfast and registration

Ethnic Cultural Center Theater, 3931 Brooklyn Ave NE

8:50AM-9AM                      Introductory remarks

Session Chair: Markus Meister

9AM-9:30AM                     Christof Koch, Allen Institute for Brain Science

9:30AM-10AM                   David A McCormick, Yale University

10AM-10:30AM                 Vasileios Christopoulos, Caltech  

10:30AM-11AM                  Break

11AM-11:20AM                  Xiao-Jing Wang, New York University

11:20AM-11:40AM            Daniel Ferrante, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

11:40AM-12PM                  Larry Abbott, Columbia University

12PM-12:45PM                  Eric Shea-Brown, University of Washington

12:45PM-2PM                    Lunch and Director’s meeting

Session Chair: Haim Sompolinsky

2PM-2:30PM                     Nao Uchida, Harvard

2:30PM-3PM                     Paul Miller, Brandeis

3PM-3:20PM                     Roozbeh Kiani, New York University

3:20PM-3:45PM               Break

3:45PM-4:15PM                Ralf Haefner, Brandeis

4:15PM-4:45PM                Joseph Makin, UCSF

4:45PM-5:30PM               Ila Fiete, University of Texas

5:30PM-9PM                     Dinner and poster viewing (Meany Hall Lobby)

Friday June 27

7:30AM-8:45AM               Breakfast and registration

Session Chair: Ken Miller

8:45AM-9:30AM              Chris Eliasmith, University of Waterloo

9:30AM-9:50AM               Sandro Romani, Columbia University

9:50AM-10:10AM             Marcus Benna, Columbia University

10:10AM-10:30AM           Break

10:30AM-11AM                 Hiroki Asari, Caltech

11AM-11:30AM                 Jamie Mazer, Yale University

11:30AM-12PM                 James Fitzgerald, Harvard University

12PM-12:45PM                Mala Murthy, Princeton University

12:45PM-2PM                  Lunch

Session Chair: John Rinzel

2PM-2:30PM                     Gideon Rothschild, UCSF

2:30PM-2:50PM               Sam Lewallen, Princeton University

2:50PM-3:20PM               James Rankin, New York University

3:20PM-3:45PM               Break

3:45PM-4:05PM               Bingni Brunton, University of Washington

4:05PM-4:25PM               Matt Kaufman, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

4:25PM-4:55PM               Mike Avery, Salk

4:55PM-5:40PM               Adrienne Fairhall, University of Washington

6PM-10PM                         Banquet Dinner (Lake Union Cafe, 3119 Eastlake Ave E)

Saturday June 28

7:30AM-9AM                     Breakfast and registration

Session Chair: Bill Bialek

9:00AM-9:45AM               Christian Machens, Champalimaud Institute

9:50AM-10:10AM              Monika Jadi, Salk

10.10AM-10:30AM            Gordon Berman, Princeton University

10:30AM-11:00AM           Break

11:00AM-11:20AM             Cian O’Donnell, Salk

11:20AM-11:40AM             Alex Koulakov, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

11:40AM-12PM                   Jinseop Kim, Princeton University

12PM                                      Closing remarks







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